Massage Therapy

By Steph

A Dreamy Experience

Probably, like many other people, I find myself getting swept away in the day to day happenings… I spend more time cleaning the remains of mealtime up off the floor (where’s that blasted baked bean gone?!), checking through never-ending mental to do lists and spinning various plates against the backdrop of prolonged sleep deprivation. My youngest is a beautiful little soul but sleeping is, and always has been a challenge – as a side note: after the first year or so passes, sleep deprivation often seems to get overlooked or dismissed out of hand, which can be a challenge for personal wellbeing in itself!

I see yoga as a way of life, not just an exercise. The physical practice (asana) is simply a tool to understand ourselves more acutely. Yes it builds strength, mobility and flexibility but it also helps us to respond to the fluctuations of life, to trust in our truth, to listen and respect our minds and bodies. But I simply do not have the capacity or freedom to pop upstairs and meditate for half an hour at present…. So how else can I find my calm? 

I received a massage voucher off my lovely mum for a treatment at Sammy Anne’s, a local relaxation sanctuary, providing holistic and sports therapies, just down the road from me. I pondered on their extensive treatment list and decided to go with something sumptuous – The Works.

Sammy Anne’s – The Works – Full Body Massage

This treatment includes a full body massage, a mini reflexology, and an aromatherapy facial and scalp massage to help you drift away. Get the benefits of a full body massage to iron out those aches and pains and then the relaxation of reflexology and facial massage. We also include hot stone placement and hot towels.

So, the first crucial aspect for me was to get the timing right. Timing is key! No-one wants to indulge in the ultimate relaxation treat and then be stuck in rush hour doing the school run immediately after! I wanted to fully embrace this little gem of time for myself. For this reason I opted for a Monday evening at 5.30pm until 7.30pm. I tend to teach more classes at weekends so Monday is my day off. To my reckoning, this time also meant, that I could leave my lads happily munching tea with their gorgeous dad, and it wouldn’t be too rushed with him finishing work. It would also mean they were in bed when I finished so I could relax.

Everything was ready as I hurried into Sammy Anne’s and out of the rain. It was a dreary February Monday and inside, it instantly felt like a sanctuary. Sarah was warm and welcoming, showing me to the room which was cosy and chatting to me about the essential oils (that Sammy Anne makes from scratch - there are so many personal touches that makes this place special). I went for the 'Feel Earthy' option - a blend of patchouli, cedarwood and orange -  some of my favourite scents. I love the mix of woody with citrus! She left me to undress as she sorted the oils and as I eased myself down on to the bed, my body was already smiling in bliss at the heated comfort of it all. And then it started! 

Throughout the 2hour treatment, she massaged my legs, back, feet, arms, shoulders, and gave me a gentle facial and scalp massage. The word that resonates with me is: seamless. She moved with a smoothness and an ease that ensured I stayed in this undisturbed state of serenity throughout (even when I had to change positions slightly). A number of times, I felt myself floating in that beautiful state between wake and sleep, with a general awareness of loveliness a vague notion of Sarah, but a deep sense of tranquillity. I’m not sure if time moved slowly or quickly… I wasn’t really aware of time to be honest, I was simply there in the moment. So that’s a success in our search for calm isn’t it? I felt a sense of unity in my body, and my mind stopped thinking… And having no responsibilities or demands on my time directly afterwards meant that I could just float home and continue feeling calm… until 3 or 4am when my youngest would wake to start the day that is!!!! But it was a beautiful treat and I definitely felt calm.

If you'd like to read more about what they offer you can checkout their website (please note we're not affiliated in any way, this was an honest review)

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