The Calm Chronicles:

An Intro

By Steph & Laura

The Pursuit

of Relaxation

Running a yoga studio on the beach, you’d think Steph and I would be a bastion of calm right? Well, the truth is both of us have struggled over the last few years in the pursuit of relaxation. 

We’ve all seen quotes like: ​​“sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax,” but is it always that simple? 

We would say not! 

And that’s why we’ve started The Calm Chronicles, a simple guide, our honest reflections on how we feel engaging in various relaxation treatments or activities.  

Let me tell you a bit about us, and what to expect.

An Introduction to Steph

Hi, I’m Steph. I’m in my late 30s, I live in Whitley Bay on the North East Coastline, I’m mum to 2 young boys and a yoga teacher. That must mean I’m automatically calm and zen all the time right?! Mmm I’m not so sure… I’m definitely more relaxed than I would have been had I still been working as a Secondary School English teacher, but ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellbeing’ seem to be pretty big buzz words right now, especially after the pandemic, so what I’m really curious to explore is how we can find our little slice of calm in an often crazy world?! 

What I don't want relaxation to be is a chore. That would completely defeat the point. I love the physical practice of yoga and it gets me out of my head and never fails to make me feel better, but if I'm being honest, my life as a busy mum to two children under 3 and a half is not really conducive to popping upstairs to meditate. Our house is loud and lovely! On the evenings when I don't teach yoga classes, by the time I tuck the boys into bed, I don't really have anything else to give, if I'm being honest. I crave the chance to lie down on the sofa and do nothing! I have been very much sleep deprived for the past two years (probably longer really) and it's blumin' hard finding the enthusiasm and inclination to do something... but I wonder if quality over quantity might be the answer here? I'm curious to discover how relaxation can enhance my life...

 An Introduction to Laura

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m in my early thirties, though from the North East originally, I’ve lived in London for thirteen years. I am a chronic pain and Fibromyalgia sufferer. I’ve spent the last three years engaging in every treatment and test you can imagine to find the source of my debilitating lower back pain. From steroid injections to burning the nerves in my back, every painkiller you can imagine, at my last count at least 7 different types, infusions of ketamine to medical cannabis (maybe this last part sounds funner than it was!). Truth be told it’s been a rotten few years, I’ve had days I can barely walk, days I haven’t wanted to get out of bed and days where I felt desperately low. 

My latest treatment is Medical Hypnosis (a blog on this will come!), and with that the realisation that actually relaxing, I mean fully relaxing, not lying thinking about grocery shopping and other inane thoughts, is pretty bloody hard! So I’ve been on something of a quest over the last few months to really tune in and let go. Properly this time. From Gong Baths to Reiki, Hot Yoga to Journalling, I’m trying it all. 

So we hope you can join us on this journey, maybe it will inspire you to seek a little relaxation too!

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