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Steph's Quest for Calm...

After working as an English teacher in a large secondary school for many years, I’ve observed first-hand that stress and pressure can frequently emerge at a young age… juggling exams, social demands and personal development can be a challenge… Maths, Science, English – yes, they’re undoubtedly important but what about learning to understand how to get the best out of yourself? Learning to understand how to manage pressure in a healthy manner? Thinking about yourself with kindness and honesty? I began reflecting that perhaps we need to devote more time to understanding ourselves - our wellbeing - in order to foster happy futures.

I teach yoga to a wonderful array of people - adults, teenagers, children. The beauty of yoga, and what distinguishes it from 'just an exercise', is that we use it as a tool for understanding ourselves and the fluctuations of life. It helps us to realise when to push and when to ease off. But this modern world doesn't always lend itself to the latter. When there's a to-do-list in your head, how do you ease off? How do you prioritise your needs when there are other people to see to? Lots of 'hows'...

I hope that The Calm Chronicles offers us all the chance to explore what relaxation can look like, whilst offering ideas to explore.

Laura's Quest for Calm...

Hi, I'm Laura. Geordie at heart but live in London. I'm a mum of one little boy, I can mostly be found in the woods with play-doh in my hair.

I have a few jobs, I love having the variety. I work as a Marketing Director. I help at the Jasmine Yoga studio, usually behind the scenes, and I make yoga tops and sell them on Etsy.

I'm very interested in "healthy living" whether that's yoga, fitness, relaxation, skincare or diet. I believe so strongly that self-care is crucial and that's one of the reasons we wanted to create this blog.

The Benefits of Mindfullness

Stress Relief

Practically all of us will experience stress at some point… some people thrive of stress… but for others, stress can be crippling. And ignoring it, brushing it under the carpet, or pretending that you’re coping, won’t solve any problems.
It can manifest in various ways:

Physical symptoms - headaches, pains, muscle tension, loss of libido.
Mental symptoms – difficulty concentrating, indecisiveness, anxiety, being forgetful.

Changes in behaviour: being irritable, changes in sleep, changes in diet, avoiding people or places.
The key to healthy stress management is building emotional strength, understanding how to manage it and fostering positive relationships. The NHS website recommend the following to reduce stress:
 Be active
Take control
Connect with people
Have some ’me time’
Challenge yourself by setting new goals or intentions
Work smarter, not harder
Try to be positive
Accept the things you can’t change

Improves physical health

We’ve all heard the expression: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. The two are intrinsically linked… which is why exercising and nourishing the mind, is just as important as exercising and nourishing the body. Gentle movements paired with stillness and quiet for the mind can bring about a state of harmony for the body – Wellbeing.

Calms the mind

Sometimes it just feels good ‘to switch off’. With modern society - social media, mobile devices, etc - this can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Concentrating on the breath brings you to the present moment, offering clarity and peace. Through visualisations and meditation, you can nourish your busy mind so that you feel re-energised and ready to face the world.

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