The Calm Chronicles

Wellbeing… It’s a word that seems to be cropping up with ever increasing regularity… however what exactly is wellbeing, and more importantly, how is your wellbeing?

Do you struggle to switch off from work? Do you sometimes feel unexpectedly anxious? Do you crave a little peace? Do you rush from place to place, desperately trying to keep all the plates spinning? Do you sometimes feel lonely or isolated? Irritated or saturated? Perhaps you’d like to devote some time to nourishing your mind?

At Jasmine Wellbeing, we're exploring the idea of relaxation and have launched The Calm Chronicles, as we recognise that sometimes, we might need a little self-care. By creating an environment that allows us to thrive – both physically and emotionally - we can look after ourselves, working towards a happier and healthier state of mind. 

Join two sisters (and maybe some special guests) in their pursuit of relaxation, our simple reflections and attempts to find inner peace in an ever busy world!

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What are the Calm Chronicles?

Running a yoga studio on the beach, you’d think Steph and I would be a bastion of calm right? Well, the truth is both of us have struggled over the last few years in the pursuit of relaxation and finding the 'right fit' for us. 

We’ve all seen quotes like: ​​“sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax,” but is it always that simple?

A Full Body Experience

So, the first crucial aspect for me was to get the timing right. Timing is key! No-one wants to indulge in the ultimate relaxation treat and then be stuck in rush hour doing the school run immediately after!

I wanted to fully embrace this little gem of time for myself. So I opted for a 2 hour full body massage called 'THE WORKS'.

Positive, healing energy

I’d often heard of Reiki in passing, but I confess until last week I didn’t know a great deal about it. A local yoga teacher I know was advertising that she was offering it locally and upon reading the benefits, namely total relaxation for the nervous system, I decided to sign up.

Bathing in Sound

Ever in my pursuit of relaxing experiences, you can imagine my elation to hear of a local Gong Bath in a lovely little studio near where I live. There’s something magical about the sound of a “gong bath,” or is that just me?!

Let’s start with the basics, what on earth is a gong bath?

Our Story

Hi, thank you for visiting Jasmine Wellbeing Tynemouth, I'm Steph! I'm a local mum, yoga lover and happiest when I'm beside the seaside! 

As a Secondary School English teacher I saw only too often the impact our busy, stressful lives could have on our mental wellbeing. I'm passionate about helping people discover a little bit of peace and hopefully a happier, healthier state of being.

Hi, I'm Laura. Geordie at heart but live in London. I'm a mum of one little boy, I can mostly be found in the woods with play-doh in my hair.

I have a few jobs, I love having the variety. I work as a Marketing Director. I help at the Jasmine Yoga studio, usually behind the scenes, and I make yoga tops and sell them on Etsy.

I'm very interested in "healthy living" whether that's yoga, fitness, relaxation, skincare or diet. I believe so strongly that self-care is crucial and that's one of the reasons we wanted to create this blog.


Yoga and Mindfulness

When we're not writing about the pursuit of relaxation, we enjoy Yoga Classes at our beautiful Haven in Tynemouth and we organise gorgeous retreats!  

We offer many types of yoga and different class styles for you to try, from vinyasa flow which can be fiery and vigorous to restorative and yin which take you inward at a slow pace, we also offer pregnancy yoga, children and teen yoga.

Classes are held at Tynemouth Sailing Club where we love to indulge in "Fresh air yoga" (you've heard of hot yoga, well this is refreshing sea air yoga), we also have a beautiful indoor studio, just follow the scent of incense!

We also offer full on-demand platform of Yoga and Mindfulness videos.

Get access now entitles you to ALL our on demand classes, mindfulness classes and music for your monthly £15 membership plus VAT. They can all be enjoyed at home at your leisure, safely. You can choose short and sweet yoga practises to meet your specific needs or longer one hour classes if you have more time available for a practice. Now over 100 videos to enjoy.

You can watch or listen as many times as you like and the page is easy to access via phone or computer where-ever you are.

We adore our regular retreats to Lakeside Hotel & Spa located in glorious lake district landscape and right on the edge of Lake Windermere. 

We are offering two or three night stays, also Included in your package price is beautiful, comfortable accommodation, a delicious 3 course dinner and breakfast, and all your yoga options over two or three days in our self-contained, spacious yoga suite. 


Embracing Self Care



of adults think this country needs greater emphasis on self care


Meditation improved anxiety levels 60% of the time.


In the Google searches for self care routines in the past year

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