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 Saturday 28th March: 2pm-5pm

Our Beautiful Minds 

£40 per person.

We are delighted to bring you ‘Jasmine Wellbeing Tynemouth’ – Mindfulness and Meditation in Our Beautiful Haven. This is about recognising that sometimes, we all need a little self-care - creating an environment that allows you to thrive – both physically and emotionally. Our classes will be centred around gentle movement, coping with stress, being present in the moment, using the breath to relax and restore, and essentially, being mindful of your beautiful mind.

Our first event ‘Our Beautiful Minds’ will be an afternoon of care and nourishment. As Winter begins to fade into Spring, it’s a time of transformation and growth, not just for the natural world, but for your minds and bodies too. Taking care and devoting time for your wellbeing is a big step towards creating a happy heart. Offering a mix of gentle movement, mindful breathing, sensory exploration, mindful eating and reflections on life and happiness, we will nourish our bodies and awaken them to  the beauty of Spring.

So join us for this beautiful event. Click here to contact Steph and book your place now.

Winter into Spring - transformation - a time of change - moving from hibernation - inward - relaxation and comfort to awakening change - gentle movement and re-energising growth.  

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