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Running a yoga studio on the beach, you’d think Steph and I would be a bastion of calm right? Well, the truth is both of us have struggled over the last few years in the pursuit of relaxation. 

We’ve all seen quotes like: ​​“sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax,” but is it always that simple? 

We would say not! 

I received a massage voucher off my canny mum for a treatment at Sammy Anne’s, a local relaxation sanctuary, providing holistic and sports therapies, just down the road from me.

I pondered on their extensive treatment list and decided to go with something sumptuous – The Works.

As I lay down to relax, I was wrapped up in a comfy blanket with the smell of the oils across my face. The therapist began with gentle pressure on my head, it really felt nice! Comforted somehow. To me it felt a bit like progressive muscle relaxation or Yoga Nidra, she went down my body laying her hands on various parts of my body and I did start to feel very relaxed!  It felt very warm, I’d almost describe it as a tingle. 

 Ever in my pursuit of relaxing experiences, you can imagine my elation to hear of a local Gong Bath in a lovely little studio near where I live. There’s something magical about the sound of a “gong bath,” or is that just me?!
Let’s start with the basics, what on earth is a gong bath?

In our quest for calm, I’m intrigued by how closing the eyes, and taking away this prominent sense, can enhance sensations and awareness of nuances in the body, ultimately helping us to remain more present, and to keep that endless to-do list at bay.

At times, when our minds feel full, when our patience is thin or our emotions feel unbalanced, then understanding how to help yourself is vital. It doesn’t have to be something big!  

This week, my mum and I tried something new, something arty, and I found some unexpected, very welcomed calm!

When was the last time you were told to relax? How did it make you feel? Annoyed, frustrated, irritated? Or is that just me?! Maybe you found it kind, a helpful prompt or compassionate?

Rest and relaxation, we know how important they are….. But why is it so difficult to weave into our lives?

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