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After working as an English teacher in a large secondary school for many years, I’ve observed first-hand that stress and pressure can frequently emerge at a young age… juggling exams, social demands and personal development can be a challenge… Maths, Science, English – yes, they’re undoubtedly important but what about learning to understand how to get the best out of yourself? Learning to understand how to manage pressure in a healthy manner? Learning how to thrive? I began reflecting that perhaps we need to devote more time to our Wellbeing in order to foster happy futures.

However, it was my role mentoring and training English teachers that really emphasised the importance of Wellbeing for me… enthusiastic and hardworking young teachers leaving the profession after two years because of workload, stress, exhaustion… or all three! It seemed to be me that something was fundamentally amiss… and that recurring word ’stress’ was resurfacing again.

After the birth of my son, I decided to pursue my dream of yoga teaching – in order to embrace working life with being a mum. I knew I loved working with people, I’ve always been fascinated by our bodies and the beauty of what they do for us every day. Being able to see the impact of yoga on peoples’ minds and bodies is truly inspirational and I particularly love Restorative Yoga – Zen and Yoga Nidra. To me, that golden silence at the end of a class, when your eyes scan the room and you see relaxed, contented faces, is joyful.

And it was during one of these precious moments that the idea of focusing solely on Wellbeing emerged – Hello Jasmine Wellbeing Tynemouth. Let's put our beautiful minds first!

The Benefits of Mindfullness

Stress Relief

Practically all of us will experience stress at some point… some people thrive of stress… but for others, stress can be crippling. And ignoring it, brushing it under the carpet, or pretending that you’re coping, won’t solve any problems.
It can manifest in various ways:

Physical symptoms - headaches, pains, muscle tension, loss of libido.
Mental symptoms – difficulty concentrating, indecisiveness, anxiety, being forgetful.

Changes in behaviour: being irritable, changes in sleep, changes in diet, avoiding people or places.
The key to healthy stress management is building emotional strength, understanding how to manage it and fostering positive relationships. The NHS website recommend the following to reduce stress:
 Be active
Take control
Connect with people
Have some ’me time’
Challenge yourself by setting new goals or intentions
Work smarter, not harder
Try to be positive
Accept the things you can’t change

Improves physical health

We’ve all heard the expression: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. The two are intrinsically linked… which is why exercising and nourishing the mind, is just as important as exercising and nourishing the body. Gentle movements paired with stillness and quiet for the mind can bring about a state of harmony for the body – Wellbeing.

Calms the mind

Sometimes it just feels good ‘to switch off’. With modern society - social media, mobile devices, etc - this can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Concentrating on the breath brings you to the present moment, offering clarity and peace. Through visualisations and meditation, you can nourish your busy mind so that you feel re-energised and ready to face the world.

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